Twitter me this, Twitter me that: Is nothing sacred anymore?

I had a great introductory blog I wanted to post to give the readers a bit of info about who I am and why you should take precious moments of your day to hear what I have to say. I say “had” because I was just sidetracked by something that sent me on a wonderful rant to anyone who would listen. I have now decided to forgo the introduction and you will get to know me via my opinions, ideals, beliefs and rants. One doesn’t get to know me…they shall experience me! Enjoy.

Rant begins in 5,4,3,2,1…

For the longest time I was highly against social media. I felt that no good could come to society from it. Obviously I was being very extreme and stubborn. I saw its potential, I just knew that as with most things, people would take it way out of hand. After several pleas from my part time publicist I signed up for twitter for my small business as well as a Facebook page. This is how they get you. You cannot sign up for a business page on FB without a having a personal page. After much internal struggle I signed up for the personal page. I survived! It was not so bad. I looked at pictures of people I couldn’t stand in high school, relished in the fact that several of my ex-boyfriends were dating ugly chics and pass silly messages to my relatives that lived far away. Social media was winning me over. Then it began. About a month in, a friend of mine sends me a very angry email about how he thought we were cool etc etc. Obviously I had no idea what he was talking about. After all was said and done he had posted something on my wall or sent a message that I hadn’t responded to. Another friend of mine was mad I wasn’t following her on twitter. This baffled me considering I JUST spoke to them both on the telephone. Is this no longer a sufficient form of communication?


My next issue with social media is the amount or nature of things that people share. Yes the World Wide Web is a great way to share information with people that are not in your immediate vicinity. It will always beat snail mail. I do not understand however, the recent urge to share personal information with perfect strangers. Why are you wedding photos and newborn children on Twitter and Facebook? Why is that not something special? If I were to crash your wedding and give you my opinion on it, there would be problems. Why is it ok to put your life out there where it can never be removed? This all started this passed fathers day when a young man posted a photo of his newborn son (literally minutes old) out on twitter. This photo was then retweeted by someone else. I completely understand the joy and elation that he must have been feeling and wanting to scream if from the mountaintops but with 15,000 people you do not know and probably never will? Why is your precious newborn son not something that you want to protect from the world until he is of age? Ultimately it is your choice of what you feel comfortable with. However, if you are one of these over-sharers please remove the following phrases, and the like, from your vocabulary: “Mind your business”, “It’s none of your business”, and “Who asked you?”

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