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When cartoons aren’t funny and miss the joke.

Let’s face it. Newspapers, and most every other media outlet for that matter, are desperate. Desperate for attention, for sales, exclusive story leads, and mostly to avoid impending irrelevancy. So when incidents like the publishing of insensitive cartoons happen, to many [...]

July 20, 2012 0
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Women Change then say we ain’t the Men we used to be… Blame it on Feminism

Not wanting to make my anticipated return on Valentine’s Day or even a day or two before or after (how cliche and corny would that shit be huh?), here I am in all my glory once more.  It’s been a minute [...]

February 21, 2012 1
facial recog tech
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Why We Will Soon All Know Each Other by Name

If you ask me, ‘facial recognition technology’ was not invented by some randomly brilliant techno geek who just wanted to create an easier way to find and label all the pictures of their grandmother. Call me a conspiracy theorist. What the [...]

September 28, 2011 1
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ZF GPS: Peeping Advertisers Want To Know What You’re Clicking On!

Do you love to surf the net, chat your business on Facebook, and tell the world what you like and dislike about anything and everything? Yes? Are you aware of how to protect your online privacy? No? Well congratulations! You are [...]

September 17, 2011 0
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Snapshot Stories: Spirits of Dance

It is a glimpse into a part of the world around us we miss when we blink; profound beauty in mid expression.
I witnessed the Spirits of Dance.
As I watched them tell their moving story, I was transfixed. They were completely at [...]

September 14, 2011 0
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ZF GPS: Fret on Facebook without fear of being fired!

I’ve often heard the internet referred to as the technological ‘Wild Wild West’, a description I feel is very indicative of the fact that we still have much to learn about this seemingly infinite new universe that Al Gore (?) invented. [...]

September 13, 2011 0
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ZF GPS: Will we ever have closure on 9/11?

Pretty much every news source worth their salt is doing some sort of tribute on this day, the tenth anniversary of 9/11. And rightfully so. There is nothing in recent memory that has affected the world so profoundly (a few catastrophic [...]

September 11, 2011 0
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ZF GPS: Don’t read this if you like Junk Food! (Info-Graphic)

Below this writing you are going to see chronological view of fast food in the USA.  There really is no need for me to write too much in this article as the photo is pretty self explanatory.  Those of you who [...]

August 26, 2011 0
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Addy’s Studio: Introducing Addy Chan

Freeman’s Mind Introduces our resident dance choreographer and frappuccino drinker, Addy Chan.  Check out her blog page in Addy’s Studio .

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