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It all started with Pap Dos, born and raised in the Carib Reserve of Dominica. Dos would spend endless days conjuring up syrups to flavor the rum villagers brought from the market. Of his many mixtures, Punch O' Kubuli was the local favorite for its sweet and spicy flavor. Many tried to simulate it to no avail as Dos guarded his recipe and was careful to brew in secrecy. In his final days, Dos decided to pass on the recipe to his son; and so it went, generation after generation, Master teaching the protégé. The recipe has never been written, thus never stolen. Each brew master adds a bit of their personality to the brew. We now are at the generation of Zamani who has branded his syrup Rated Z and all blends it mixes with are Rated Z approved….
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Kardinal Offishall: Anywhere (Ol Time Killin’ 2) Video

Anywhere (Ol Time Killin’ 2) Video
ABOUT RATED Z Punch (seen in the video)
The world of mixers is about to be revolutionized. The days of having your bottle service at the club being accompanied by those rancid jugs of flat cola and […]

October 15, 2011 0
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Rated Z: Shake it. Mix it. Drink it! @ Kardinal video shoot

Last week Thursday, the Rated Z team invaded Kardi’s video shoot for Anywhere aka “Ol’ Time Killin’ pt. 2”, the first offering from his highly anticipated album ‘Mr. International‘.
Launched in early 2010, Rated Z has rapidly begun to pick up steam in […]

August 16, 2011 3