Snapshot Stories: American in Havana


Photo By: Mark “Mayday” Maynard, Story By: Zamani Thomas

Just chillin’ on the curb reminisin’…  Oh how politics and industry mix.  Left are remnants such as I of days gone and allies that once were.  My cousin “The Dome of the Rock” will sing the same song if you ask.

In the good ole days my brothers and I canvassed these roads as if time stood still and now represent little more than opportunities lost and better times.

It’s been five decades and it still makes little sense.  But still I wait, hoping to see my kin.  Perhaps one day I’ll again observe the days of yore.  Until then I’ll ride true and tak’er easy while I accept my place as a Grandfathered in American in Havana.

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Article by Mayday

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