Aaliyah… Still Missing You 10 years later.

By: Zamani Thomas

Never one to spend my night or days for that matter listening to R&B tunes, I have to say that my heart was broken on this day 10 years ago upon hearing the news that one of my few crushes in the entertainment industry had passed away in an accident flying from The Bahamas into Miami.  In terms of the total entertainment package of beauty, grace, talent, charisma and drive, Ms. Aaliyah Dana Haughton was the real deal in all aspects.  To this day I believe many of the female artists around, including the extremely talented and successful Beyonce would be second fiddle to Aaliyah.  Ever the performer, with that tomboy edge  she was able to make sexy as all hell, Aaliyah seemed to never disappoint her fans, while having the ability to suck in non- r&b heads like myself into her world.  Once in her world, I was never fighting to leave it.  My eyes would become transfixed on her as she moved in her choreographed motions while singing so effortlessly over a Timberland or Missy track.

Age 22 is too young for anyone to pass away, yet because of her talent we will always be able to relive the gems she left us in song.  Therein lies the beauty of the Arts;  None of us live forever physically, yet our spirit and aura persevere through the things and people we touch.  In speaking about her death this morning with my brother, we found ourselves in a heated discussion as to which Aaliyah song was her best ever and I had to stop and grin, because the arguing made me realize that she truly is still here in spirit.  Anything that can make your blood pressure raise must have some sort of impact or importance to you.  Obviously listening to her music isn’t as important as say eating food or paying your bills, yet in that leisure time we all value so much, Aaliyah’s music is still able to assist me in recharging my batteries after a long day.  Thus is the power of music and within any music genre there are our favorites.  Though she has been gone for 10 years, she remains this authors favorite R&B artist, and thanks to mp3s, cds and cassettes she will remain so until someone else knocks her off the mantle; and that my friends will be a very tough job to do indeed.

With all the above being said, I am still saddened by the fact that we lost 10 years of more music from this amazing artist.  Aaliyah we are still missing you!

Miss You – Aalyiah

Check out the link below to some of Aaliyah’s top Videos.

Aaliyah’s Top 10 Videos

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Article by Zamani

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  1. Reddy says:

    I still clearly remember the night I heard about her passing. Very tragic.

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